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"The Jedari Team is amazing and took my ideas and vision and made them come to life! Launching my own coaching app could not have been easier with the Jedari platform! Their team has been helpful every step of the way. There is not a better all-in-one software on the market to launch your
own coaching app." - Steve Kuclo, owner of Upgraded Human & bodybuilder
"It has been nothing but a pleasure working with Jedari, specifically with Blaire. We collaborated on many calls and she truly brought my vision to life! I could not be more happy with how everything turned out. The final product
is above and beyond what I expected. " - Greg Todora, Owner of Forever Progress Coaching
"When I began looking for a platform to build an app for my community I found it overwhelming. I am so lucky that I found Blaire and the Jedari team because they took all the concerns away and delivered exactly what I was looking for! The team is
always a pleasure to work with." - Rawlings Barnes, owner of Life1Hundred Coaching
"Greg and Blaire have been awesome to work with and if you’re looking at building a coaching group, this is a must. Jedari is how I will make an extra $500k a year." - Matt Marchese, owner of Protect Your Purpose
"It’s great to finally see technology that as an administrator you can control and have full insight into without having to worry about the algorithms and being censored losing accounts having them shut down etc. super easy to use and feature rich highly recommend if you have a need for a group platform" - Jason Minnamon, Owner of NuME
"Jedari is the platform of the future for coaches, artists, entrepreneurs, or anyone looking to connect and share content with others. It offers the same features as many of the social media platforms out there plus so much more. I am looking forward to seeing it continue to grow and expand on its way to becoming the leading community platform." - Christina Carnahan, Owner of Christina Carnahan Coaching
"The perfect platform for ANY and ALL coaching needs! No matter your profession, if you have a coaching/consulting program to offer and need a place to to house your clients and customers, this is the real deal. Basically a social media platform designed for your business and clients, and user friendly. Nothing out there like this!" - Justin Steward, Owner of Temple Revolution
"After using Jedari for months I can say that they have created something unique that gives the creator full control over their users experience. From coaching groups to music sharing it spans across industries with the flexibility to tailor it to your specific needs. They continue to improve it and are building it on a great foundation." - Nathan Dockery, Owner of Limitless Coaching
"Great for content creators and entrepreneurs! Easy to use, diverse features, and excellent support. Their platform, with your brand as the focal point, and geared to monetize! Couldn’t beat it if you tried! Perfect for building a thriving community online. I highly recommend!!" - Brandon Stott, business owner
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Build Your Table
Eric Spofford Coaching
Upgraded Human
1% Conquerors
Lions Not Sheep

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