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Scale Your Community Effortlessly With Jedari's Automated Billing System

With Jedari, you can say goodbye to the hassle of manual billing processes and save on the cost of hiring additional employees. Our platform offers automated billing solutions that make it easy to manage multiple subscriptions tiers, collect payments seamlessly, and lock and unlock user accounts based on their billing status. Set up your billing system once, and let Jedari handle the rest.

By automating your billing process, you can focus on what matters most: growing and scaling your community. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time driving success.

Integrated Billing Features

automatically collect payments

Automatically Collect Payments

Accept payments seamlessly with our integrated Stripe Credit Card Processor. Say goodbye to chasing down payments or dealing with complicated payment setups. With Jedari, your money is deposited directly into your bank account, cutting out the middle man and empowering you to scale effortlessly.

unlimited membership plans
Create Unlimited Membership Plans

Create unlimited subscription plans to offer tiered access and exclusive content to your community members. Whether you want to offer content-based, verified, or VIP memberships, our platform empowers you to customize your subscription offerings to fit your community's needs.

viral inviter

Unlock Viral Growth With Referrals

Boost engagement and incentivize growth with our referral tracking and user credit program. Encourage your community members to spread the word and bring in new users by rewarding them with credits towards their memberships or exclusive perks.

billing-based automations

Activate Billing-Based API Automations

Automate your monetization strategies with our action-based API automations. Set up triggers and actions that activate certain billing or access changes based on user behavior or milestones, creating a dynamic and personalized user experience.

gated content pages

Create Subscription-Based Content Pages

Create subscription-based content pages to offer exclusive content or courses to your community members. Lock valuable resources behind subscription tiers to provide additional value and drive conversions.

gated groups

Create Subscription-Based Gated Groups

Take control of group access with our lock/unlock feature. Restrict certain groups or content to specific subscription levels, ensuring that your members get the appropriate access based on their subscription type.

After decades of experience building multiple million-dollar brands, we understand the challenges of manual billing and the importance of maximizing your revenue potential. With our proven monetization strategies and automations, you will be able to scale your community effortlessly while money is being deposited right into your account, without ever having to lift a finger.

To activate our monetization practices, we charge a nominal 3% application fee on each transaction. It's important to note that this fee is borne by your customers, not by you. Based on the multitude of success stories from our clients, Jedari and our monetization processes consistently generate greater revenue for you.

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