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Experience the unmatched capabilities of your own fully-branded, private community platform. Enjoy complete control, seamless customization, and effortless monetization.

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Your Community, Your Way

create a safe space

Your Voice

white-labeled, no charge - it's your brand in the spotlight with a fully branded custom private community platform

Your Logos

White-labeled, no charge
customize your community - completely custom social platform

Your Branding

completely custom
maximize your revenue with automatic monetization and integrated billing - create a community behind a paywall

Your Money

effortless revenue
retain ownership over your content, always. no more shadow banning or censorship restrictions, no altering of your message

Your Content

absolute ownership
ultimate data security

Your Data

ultimate data security
command total control - your community, your rules

Your Rules

Command Total Control
empower your purpose your brand your mission

Your Mission

empower your purpose

The Ultimate Community Platform

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Jedari stands out from the competition because it was purposefully crafted by community builders, for community builders. Unlike other platforms that may have added community features as an afterthought, Jedari was conceived and designed with a deep understanding of the intricacies and dynamics of building and managing successful communities. This is a features comparison chart showcasing that Jedari is the only platform that has native live in app, native live on web, native video uploads, stories, gamification, and maps out of all our major competitors such as Disciple, Mighty Networks, Circle, and Passion.
Community First, Always: 
Our Comprehensive Community Toolkit

Born from the insights learned through decades of community building, Jedari is a platform designed to amplify connections, engagement, and growth.

Every detail, from our user-friendly interface to robust features, is crafted to empower community builders and deliver an exceptional experience.

More Effective Than Social
Social media giants weren't crafted with business owners in mind. If you've ever been blocked from your own community, you know the struggle.

Our solution is custom-made to help businesses build, manage, and monetize vibrant private communities, offering more features than any social platform.

It's time to step into a more impactful era of community building.
Features comparison chart showcasing that Jedari is the only platform that has gated groups, integrated billing, API automations, subscription levels, business logic, and is white labeled out of all public social platforms.
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The Best Feature of All?
Our Client Success Team.

Jed, our community success bot
We get it - Building a Community takes serious skill and determination. But here at Jedari, we've perfected the process. With several million-dollar brands already in our portfolio, we know what it takes to create a thriving community.

That's why we offer personalized support every step of the way, from helping you launch your community to quarterly business review to optimize your results.

Our biggest goal is to see your community succeed, and we're committed to doing everything we can to help you make it happen.
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