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Jedari Technologies’ Strategic Investment Propels Valuation to $100 Million, Pioneering Digital Transformation in Online Communities

/by Samantha Cornwell

"Jedari Technologies, the vanguard of innovation in the tech realm, has achieved a remarkable feat by surging to a valuation of $100 million."

"The strategic investment from Rogue World not only signifies a fusion of technological brilliance but also catapults Jedari Technologies to the forefront of the ongoing revolution in community empowerment."

Transforming Online Communities: Jedari Technologies’ Technological Prowess Sets New Industry Standards

/by Jerry Douglas

"Jedari Technologies has engineered a platform that not only empowers but transforms. At its core, this innovation is a beacon for a new era of connectivity and engagement."

"Central to Jedari’s innovation is its imminent launch of “Super Fan Clubs for Musicians,” a move that promises to shake the foundations of the music industry."

Rogue World and Jedari Technologies Is a Collaborative Force Shaping Business and Innovation

/by Edward Anderson

"Jedari’s current suite of products, meticulously curated for online coaching businesses, is already replete with an array of native features."

"Jedari is on the brink of unveiling its latest vertical – Super Fan Clubs for Musicians. This innovative offering extends the platform’s core features to musicians, enabling them to host their own streaming services and showcase music & music videos."

Jedari Technologies Achieves a Landmark Valuation Milestone of $100 Million Through Strategic Investment from Rogue World

Written in Partnership with Authority Titans

"At the core of Jedari’s ascendancy lies its revolutionary community-building platform – a technological marvel designed to empower community leaders."

"This platform is a beacon of innovation, offering a white-labeled toolkit that empowers online community creators to craft dynamic digital spaces that fuel growth, engagement, and revenue generation."

Jedari Makes Space For Your Communities

/by Slug Staff + Ashley Christenson

"Already hosting nearly 50 clients and more than 5,000 users, the Jedari model provides an avenue for independent community building."

"Jedari’s extant success speaks to a need in online communities that was previously left to fester behind the barrier of programming labor."

Jedari Opens More Possibilities for Connection as an Innovative Digital Community Platform

/by Cindy Smith

“The team behind this revolutionary space wants to be a part of an important moment in world history.”

“To expand their influence on a global scale, they are looking forward to seeing more communities transition to virtual communities without fear of being socially disconnected from one another.”

Jedari is the Newest All-in-One Community Management Platform

/by David Thompson

“Jedari is more than the typical community platform and management site. It comes with a slew of new and innovative features that have become essential in an increasingly online world.”

“Jedari was created to help community builders and managers serve, scale, and manage their communities.”

Jedari Changes the Game for Online Community Managers and Builders

/by Chloe Jackson

“With reliable and seamless internet connectivity, individuals with the same passions and interests can form and join communities.”

“Setting the bar higher from other community management platforms, Jedari offers fresh features tailored to the needs of community managers and equipped to help them grow their communities.”

Jedari Builds a Revolutionary Community Management Platform

/by Barbara Kelly

“As more and more communities are starting to embrace hybrid or even fully remote communities, the Jedari team hopes they can be a part of this historical moment and enable social communities online to gather, interact, and grow without boundaries.”

Jedari Changes the Game for Community Builders and Managers

/by Karla Perry

“Jedari has everything a builder or manager could want, including hosting live events to benefit their communities.”

“Jedari has successfully created a solution that specifically targets to address the problems of community and tribe builders.”

Young Entrepreneur Syndicate (Y.E.S.) Taps Jedari for Online Community Building

/by Christia Brockman

“Y.E.S. members gain access to this private and secure social media space that is available through an online web portal and mobile APP."

“Using the white label Jedari platform, Y.E.S. members have direct access to each other and the ability to operate freely without big-tech oversight.”