Jedari Revolutionizes the Music Industry

Empowering Artists Beyond Traditional Platforms

Jedari Revolutionizes the Music Industry: Empowering Artists Beyond Traditional Platforms

(Lehi, Utah)

Challenging the norms of the traditional music industry, where streaming services like Spotify pay artists as little as $0.004 per stream, Jedari has emerged as a groundbreaking platform, offering artists a revolutionary alternative. This innovative platform distinguishes itself significantly from models like Patreon, providing a dynamic, artist-focused approach to empowerment.

Confronting Artist’ Challenges in the Digital Era 

In the current digital music scene, artists confront the challenges of minimal streaming revenue and delayed financial returns. Taylor Swift poignantly stated, "We don’t ask you for free iPhones. Please don’t ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation." This sentiment is echoed by Prince, who compared record contracts to "slavery" in an interview with Rolling Stone, and Courtney Love, who declared, "the system is rigged against you." Kanye West also voiced his frustrations, particularly regarding unfair artist contracts and ownership issues, underscoring the urgent need for change.

Jedari's Pioneering Solution

Jedari steps in to fill this gap with its artist-centric approach. The platform is not just a place to share music; it's a comprehensive ecosystem that directly connects artists with their audience. Unlike other platforms, Jedari offers:

  • Direct Link to Revenue: By integrating with Stripe, Jedari ensures immediate and direct deposit of subscriptions into artists’ bank accounts. This approach contrasts sharply with the monthly payouts model, offering real-time financial control and transparency.
  • White-Labeled, Branded Platforms: Artists on Jedari get their private, branded platforms, granting them full ownership of their digital space. This autonomy is a significant leap from being a part of a larger, impersonal platform.
  • Feature-Rich Environment: Going beyond basic streaming and subscription services, Jedari equips artists with tools for deeper fan engagement, community building, and multifaceted content sharing with all of the features from top social platforms. 

The Platform Artists Have Been Waiting For

Greg W. Anderson, CEO & Co-Founder of Jedari, acknowledges the financial and creative bottlenecks artists face: "Musicians drive culture, but when their creative expression is stifled by concerns about revenue and censorship, the entire culture shifts. Most people don’t realize that on Spotify, artists earn a mere $0.004 per stream. Imagine having a million streams and making just $4,000 a month. It's not just about the money; it's about having the freedom to speak and create without fear of being de-platformed." 

Sean W. Whalen, Co-Founder of Jedari, emphasizes the platform’s empowering potential: "Jedari lets artists take complete control over their content and its monetization."

Jedari’s Impact on the Music Industry Revolution

Jedari's model presents a stark financial contrast to existing platforms. "If you had 10,000 people that paid you $5 a month to listen to your music, to have access to your streaming, your content, whatever stories you want to post, that's $50,000 per month." says Anderson. This is a game-changing approach, shifting the power dynamics back to the musicians.

About Jedari

Jedari is more than a platform; it's a movement towards redefining how artists engage with their audience and manage their earnings in the digital age. It's setting a new standard in the music industry, prioritizing artist empowerment and creative freedom.

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