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Web Demo

Experience the magic of Jedari's web-based community platform by watching our in-depth video demonstration.

See how our platform empowers creators to connect, engage, and monetize their passions in a seamless and intuitive environment. Get a firsthand look at the innovative features that foster authentic connections, provide valuable content, and drive community engagement.

App Demo

Watch a quick tour of our app and witness the power of having your own online world in your hands.

See how the app brings the power of community-building right to your fingertips, allowing you to connect with your audience anytime, anywhere. Experience the streamlined interface, explore features designed specifically for mobile usage, and discover how easy it is to manage and engage with your community on the go. With push notifications that will go right to your client's devices, your community will be even more connected.

In-Platform Music Streaming Service

Created specifically for musicians, podcasters, and creators to upload their content in their private community where they can charge for access, share exclusive content, live-stream natively, and connect with their fans.
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