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introducing jedarian: Jedari's launchpad for stellar community architects
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A Community For Community Builders

We are thrilled to introduce Jedarian, our exclusive client community, built to empower and train community builders like you.

At Jedari, we believe in the power of collaboration, continuous learning, and shared success. That's why we are creating Jedarian, a dedicated space where you can connect with other community builders just like you, learn from the best in the world, and grow your community like never before.

Inside of our client community, you can learn how to leverage the full potential of our software platform and learn from experts in the field to take your community-building skills to the next level.

What can you expect from Jedarian? Let us give you a sneak peek:

🌟 High-Level Network:

Connect with a network of fellow community builders who share your passion and drive. Discover new opportunities, forge valuable connections, and learn from each other's experiences. With user maps, you can easily locate and connect with like-minded professionals in your niche.

🎓 Expert-Led Courses

Lead by some of the best community builders in the world, our courses alone are worth more than your Jedari subscription. Boost your community into the stratosphere by gaining insights into sales and marketing strategies, master the art of community architecture, and explore the potential of AI-powered content creation. Our courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to create thriving communities.

🗂️ Dedicated Groups:

From Community Support and Feature Updates to Sales and Engagement, each group focuses on different aspects of community building with Jedari, allowing you to tap into the collective knowledge and expertise of the community. Here are the groups within Jedarian:

  • Feature Updates
  • Community Support
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Success & Engagement
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Suggestion Box
  • Share Your Wins

📈 Daily Goals for Success:

Boost your community's success by following our recommended daily goals. Learn practical strategies and proven techniques to enhance member engagement, drive growth, and create an exceptional community experience. Stay motivated and track your progress as you achieve new milestones.

Jedarian is exclusively available to Jedari clients, but the network, knowledge, and tools you will gain will be worth even more than your community plan. If you're interested in becoming a part of Jedarian, sign up today to launch your own community.
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