Backend Admin Package
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Community Backend Administration

Effortless Community Backend Management at Your Fingertips 💼

Price: $150/month

What's Included In The Backend Admin Package: 

🔧 Ongoing Community Maintenance

Keeping Your Engine Running

Let us take the wheel when it comes to community maintenance. Our adept team ensures your platform's seamless operation and up-to-date performance. From regular backups to security enhancements, we'll ensure your community sails smoothly, giving you serenity in every click.

🔄 Community Changes

Evolving Alongside You

As your community's narrative evolves, so should its structure. With our expertise, community changes are seamlessly orchestrated. Whether it's tweaking user roles, adjusting permissions, or weaving in new features, our touch ensures your community remains in harmony.

👥 User Management

Your Community, Our Responsibility

Relinquish the intricate task of user management to us. From user registrations to profile management, we ensure every community member's journey is seamless. Our focus is to provide a user experience that leaves members engaged, valued, and connected.

💳 Subscriptions Updates

Seamlessly Streamlined

Subscription management doesn't need to be a labyrinth. Our seasoned hands guide you through subscription updates. Ensuring payment processes are a breeze, from renewals to cancellations and upgrades, we ensure your members navigate smoothly through their choices.

📝 Pages Updates

Fresh Pages, Fresh Engagement

Static pages are the canvas of your community's story. Allow us to be your brush, painting fresh and relevant content regularly. With our touch, your pages will be vibrant with information, keeping members informed, engaged, and ready for the next chapter.

🤝 Optimize Your Community's Potential

Opt for our Community Backend Admin Plan and relish the benefits of a proficient team steering your community spaceship. At a mere fraction of the cost of hiring an admin, you're free to focus on growth, engagement, and hitting your targets while we handle the essential backend duties.

Let's navigate your community's journey together, ensuring every click resonates with excellence.

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