The "Everything" Package
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The Ultimate Everything Package

Graphics, Web Design, Email Copywriting, Automations, & Full Community Setup🌟🚀

Price: $2,499

Let The Jedari Experts Handle EVERYTHING:

🎨 Brand + Community Graphics

Value: $2,000+

Elevate Your Visual Identity

Why spend the time designing all of the graphics for your community when our skilled design team can do it for you? We have learned exactly how to optimize graphics for your community platform, and we'll work with you to make sure you love them.

  • Icons: We'll start by creating some different mockups of the square brand graphic for your community (Your Icon)
  • Logos: Dark/light version Logos, sized perfectly for your community on desktop
  • Favicon: A site favicon that will display in browser tabs
  • Plans: Up to 3 plans graphics
  • Groups: Up to 8 group icons and cover photos
  • Pages: Static Page graphic to make your content libraries look cohesive and visually stunning
  • Brand Guide: We'll send a brand guide with your main colors, fonts, and graphics as well as all files shared with you

💻 Custom Sales Website Design

Value: $5,000+

Boost Your Sales With A Landing Page

Our experts know exactly how to create a beautiful landing page that SELLS - and is optimized for your community app.

  • Custom, Professional Sales Website Home Page - Everything from a value proposition to transparent pricing to a Call To Action that takes people right to your community /register page.
  • Contact Us Page

⚙️ Full Set Up Of Community Automations + Email Workflows

Value: $2,000+

Sell More, Automatically

Automate your community with the power of Zapier so you can sit back, relax, and effortlessly earn more revenue.



Usually email copywriting runs anywhere from $100-$2,000 per email, but we already know exactly what to say based on our countless success stories, and will customize it based on your community goals + vision.

  • A 6-Step Marketing Email Flow for when a user has signed up but has not yet started their subscription.
  • A 5-Step Onboarding Email Flow for when a user begins their subscription and becomes a client.
  • A 2-Step Payment Failed Email Flow for when a client's payment doesn't go through with instructions on how to update their payment method.
  • A Cancellation Email for when a client cancels their subscription.
  • 14-16 Emails Total!


Typically having someone set up Zaps for you will run you $150/hour, but we have the workflow down, so we are giving our clients a killer deal. Because we love you.

  • When new user registers > Send Marketing Email Flow
  • When user begins their subscription > Send Onboarding Email Flow
  • When payment fails > Send Update Payment Method Email Flow
  • When user cancels > Send Cancellation Email

Additional workflow steps available upon request, such as attaching all new users to a Google Sheet


  • Access to your Email Marketing Account: Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Hubspot, etc.
  • Access to your Zapier Account: Sharing your username and password is easiest.

🌐 Adding Community Content

Value: $1,000+

A Solid Foundation

We'll get all of your community content uploaded, optimized, and ready to go.


  • Graphics: Uploading all of your beautiful graphics that we've created just for your community
  • Groups: Full set up of Groups, from descriptions to permissions.
  • Content Pages: Full set up of Static Pages & Content Libraries - Just send us your outline.
  • Plans: Full set up of Plans
  • Daily Goals: Send us your list of the daily goals you want in your community, and we'll make sure they're uploaded.


  • Your soul. Just kidding. We WILL need the information for your community vision, and your content outlines so we can get everything loaded, just the way you want it.

✨ Full Community Setup  

Let The Jedari Experts Handle It All.

If you outsourced all of this work, it would cost you anywhere from $10,000-$30,000+, but our team of experts knows our platform better than anyone - and exactly how to make your community as successful as possible.

  • Being A Bad-Ass Community Builder: That's ALL you. It's still up to you to run your community, provide amazing content and value, teach your users how to use your platform, remind them to login every day, interact in your community, and post regularly. But with our unwavering support and dedication to helping you succeed, you'll have a GREAT head start.

The Everything Package empowers you to immerse yourself in community growth and engagement, unburdened by the labor-intensive work of launching a custom, private social platform. When we're through, you'll have the foundation and infrastructure essential for an optimized and thriving community.

Please note that specific legal necessities like Stripe, Google Play, and Apple accounts fall under your direct management for compliance reasons.

🚀 Invest in the Everything Package Today

Launch your community-building journey with the comprehensive Everything Package. With Jedari by your side, you're poised to unlock your community's boundless potential. Dive in and realize the extraordinary possibilities that await.

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