Graphics Package
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Graphics Package

Elevate Your Brand's Visual Identity

Price: $400

Ready to Launch Your Community... With Flawless Graphics? 🚀🖼️

Why spend the time designing all of the graphics for your community when our skilled design team can do it for you? We have learned exactly how to optimize graphics for your community platform, and we'll work with you to make sure you love them.


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  • Icons: We'll start by creating some different mockups of the square brand graphic for your community (Your Icon)
  • Logos: Dark/light version Logos, sized perfectly for your community on desktop
  • Favicon: A site favicon that will display in browser tabs
  • Plans: Up to 3 plans graphics
  • Groups: Up to 8 group icons and cover photos
  • Pages: Static Page graphic to make your content libraries look cohesive and visually stunning
  • Brand Guide: We'll send a brand guide with your main colors, fonts, and graphics as well as all files shared with you


More Info On What's Included:

🎨 Logo and Icon Design

Our designers will create a powerful logo and an adaptable icon that encapsulate your brand. These designs ensure not only effective brand representation but also scalability and versatility across diverse platforms.

  • Logo: Your logo is a graphic that embodies your brand identity. It can be of any size, but horizontal or square dimensions work best in our platform. Your logo will serve as the home button for your website, as well as in several other places.
  • Icon: Your icon is a square brand graphic that will be displayed on the mobile version of your site and can also be utilized if you choose to build your own custom app with us.

🌟 Group Cover Photos and Icons

Enhance your community's visual appeal with up to 6 group cover photos and icons. These custom graphics lend a professional touch to each group, aiding members in recognizing and engaging with distinct areas of interest.

🎯 Plans Graphics

Our service extends to crafting up to 3 captivating graphics for your community's plans. These visuals present your plans in an eye-catching and intuitive manner, effectively showcasing their features and benefits to drive member exploration.

📚 Content Library Graphics

Align your graphics with your community's content library for a visually appealing and seamless navigation experience. These graphics enhance user interaction, ensuring easy access to valuable resources.

🔄 Up to 3 Revisions and Editable Canva Files

Your satisfaction is our priority. We offer up to 3 revisions to ensure your graphics align with your vision. Additionally, we provide graphics as editable Canva files, enabling you to make future updates effortlessly.

Elevate Your Community's Visual Identity 🌆🎉

The Web Graphics Package combines creativity, professionalism, and flexibility to provide your community with stunning visual assets that deeply resonate with your audience. Enhance your community's brand presence and engagement through our expertly crafted graphics. Your community's visual identity matters – make it stand out with Jedari's Graphics Package!

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