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Create Trackable, Custom Daily Goals


Gamification: Level Up Your Community With Daily Goals

Elevate the excitement and engagement in your community with Jedari's gamification features. By creating trackable daily goals, you'll witness remarkable progress and growth among your community members. Customize your goals for your community, and organize them with categories.

Scorecards + Leaderboards

With scores and leaderboards, you can transform daily goals into thrilling challenges and friendly competitions. Watch as your community members strive to climb to the top. The instant dopamine rush from achieving goals and seeing their score will keep your community motivated and energized.

Drive Engagement By Hosting Challenges + Competitions

Fuel the competitive spirit within your community by hosting captivating challenges or competitions. Whether it's a fitness challenge, a content creation contest, or a learning marathon, gamification adds an extra layer of excitement and reward. Encourage your community members to push their limits and achieve their best.

Boost Motivation

Jedari's gamification features not only make the journey towards goals more enjoyable but also foster a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition among community members. It's a powerful tool to inspire and motivate individuals to level up their skills, knowledge, and overall participation within the community.

The Power of Goal-Setting

Activate the power of gamification in your community today and watch how it transforms daily goals into exhilarating experiences, unlocking new levels of engagement and achievement. Get ready to ignite the competitive spirit and empower your community members to thrive.

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